Aliens Have Been Found and Are Real

The aliens have been found

Aliens are still an unsolved mystery, some of them even claim that they saw aliens, saw traces of aliens, and many other claims about the reality of aliens.

I myself like stories about aliens and if possible I also want to get acquainted with them and even be friends, hahaha LOL. But according to books and some articles I read that aliens are mostly evil and like to shoot their laser shots can make my house burn.

But fortunately thanks to the internet and books I have read that the aliens have not been verified and the claims can hardly provide evidence. As time goes by until 2021, I finally found the truth about the existence of aliens.

The aliens are real

The aliens that have only been talked about without evidence actually exist, the evidence for the presence of aliens is real . In fact they leave many marks in outer space, these aliens are really smart and already have advanced technology in many ways, be it transportation, communication, and others.

I am sure you are not aware of its presence, and the news about Al ien has been circulating widely around 1960. They have succeeded in conquering the vastness of outer space, and until now these aliens are researching the planets in the solar system because they want to find a new place. for their descendants and their future survival.

The aliens are not ugly as depicted in your favorite movie, and they also don't like to shoot randomly that can burn your house. From the above statement, of course you already know that aliens are real, and surely you know that aliens are ..

Humans Are Real Evidence Of Aliens

I can hardly sleep several nights to think that actually what is called ALIEN is ourselves (HUMAN), we have advanced technology in many ways and become the most successful living things in reproduction, since the beginning of our evolution from the human Primate family has mastered the earth completely. Even if there were dinosaurs, they would become extinct because we are small creatures but have large and complex brains.

Humans have dominated all fields and are not tired to innovate, even now we have researched several planets because we know that the lifetime of this earth, year after year, will no longer be occupied. Human exploration to other planets is very similar to my favorite movie as a child, I'm sure if there is a beautiful planet like Earth out there then we can just send armed forces to seize that place .

We still inherit primate instincts in protecting our homes, we are greedy for real evidence during world war we are like a herd of monkeys who are fighting for power. Other greed regarding these aliens is the destruction of forests, land, sea and air. We open a lot of forest and narrow down the place to find food for other living creatures' friends, the real proof we are aliens.

In the end, our descendants will succeed in finding a light-speed aircraft that is safe for traveling, and humans can relax and enjoy a cup of coffee in outer space.

Finally, we no longer ask about the whereabouts of Aliens, because in fact we are Aliens who are looking for a new place.

Kedy Reading makes you know, acting makes you do.